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Hereford Fine China International Ltd established a far-reaching reputation as the producer of some of the finest hand-crafted figurines in the world.  Founded in England by Rick Lewis, Hereford Fine China then relocated to Hamilton, New Zealand, where the emphasis was on themes reflecting the Australasian and Pacific Basin regions.  The Company’s stature was reinforced in 1981 when a hand-crafted Hereford Fine China Tui resting on a Kowhai branch was selected as the State presentation to Queen Elizabeth on the occasion of her visit to New Zealand.  It was the third Hereford figurine to be presented to the Queen and the first to be created wholly in New Zealand. 

All Hereford Fine China pieces are distinguished by attention to detail evident in design, casting, etching, glazing and painting.  They were entirely hand-crafted and meet such exacting standards that often only a portion of those created found their way out of the studio and into the hands of the collector.  The care and emphasis on quality helped make them prized and sought after possessions.


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