Bone China Plaques

Some samples of Bone China Plaques.


Bone China Plaques – Why so unique!


True Bone China/Porcelain plaques have never been produced in great numbers over the centuries.  Research shows that these plaques are rare and are highly sought after.


The main reason for this rarity is due to the high loss rate of up to 80% when firing occurs.  The rectangular clay plaques first biscuit firing shows little damage.  The risk can occur in the consequent biscuit, glost and numerous decorating firings.  The firing changes the molecular structure of the clay and stresses occur in the plaque.  This then can cause cracking, warping and general weaknesses in the structure, there is also a shrinkage facture of up to 13%.  


Rick Lewis is highly skilled in this area and has perfected this art over the years.  He will now be passing this knowledge on to his daughter Nicola. 


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