Nicola J Lewis

Nicola Jain Lewis is the daughter of the internationally renowned painter and sculptor Rick Lewis.  Nicola Jain is an inspiration, she has taken a considerable risk and decided to step away from her secure and lucrative corporate role to pursue her dreams.  She left her home and family in New Zealand to try and make her mark in the artistic world.  She returned to Ireland in November 2011 to start an exciting apprenticeship with her father.  Rick was the apprentice of the master ceramic painter Harry Davis at Royal Worcester (1965-69) and now Rick will be passing on this knowledge along with over 50 years of experience to Nicola.  The true art of ceramic painting will now flourish in the next generation.  Nicola will learn the same disciplines and techniques that were passed to Rick from Harry.  Nicola will become skilled at the legendary craft that spans over hundreds of years.  These classical skills and techniques are in real danger of being lost in History, but not anymore!  We can look forward to the adaption of these techniques in Nicola’s works for years to come.

Nicola Jain’s recent works portray an unquestionable gift and a raw talent.


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